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Configurable Payroll Processing Solution

FactoHR offers your organization a Payroll solution that will let you tackle all the payroll processing related problems. With our configurable policy structure, you are allowed to configure your payroll policy that suits best your company’s structure and approval workflow.

Benefits of choosing our solution

We provide you with a unique solution which will help you with fast and easy payroll processing. All the statutory compliance like ESIC, PF & Income Tax can be handled with our system. Payroll calculations are complicated but with our integrated payroll solution, you can process the salary of your workforce according to their attendance and performance.

Best Payroll Automation

FactoHR offers you with a fully automated payroll processing solution which functions by less human intervention. The processed salary will fulfill all the rules and regulation of payroll policy.


Get all your statutory compliance did through our system for effectively processing your employee’s income tax, ESIC, PF etc…

Automated Reporting

System generated auto reporting in user-defined format which will help the management and concerned authorities to analyze processed payroll of their workforce.

Uniquely Crafted Cloud-based Payroll Processing Solution

Our cloud-based Payroll Processing solution is versatile and scalable by which it can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. We offer a user-friendly interface for web and mobile applications which helps the company to manage, analyze and monitor their workforce and other resources.

Payroll Policy

Payroll Policy


Input Integration

Input Integration


Input Validation

Input Validation


Payroll Calculation

Payroll Calculation


Statuary Compliance

Statuary Compliance





Payroll Processing Reports

Payroll Processing Reports



policy reports

Payroll Policy

Pay Policy

Easy payroll policy configuration through our system, which ensures the perfect calculations of employees payroll cycle including all the necessary statutory deductions.

Leave Policy

Define your employees leave and accrual policy to calculate their payroll for their effective working days. Accrual details can be configured to allocate leave benefits to an employee.

Attendance Policy

FactoHR lets you configure rules for attendance and other disciplinary action which is necessary to maintain a healthy work-strength in your organization for functioning properly.


Input Integration

employee data

Employee Data

Data gathering is the crucial part before actual payroll processing with which company can gather one time and recurring data like income tax declarations and expense reimbursements.

Leave & Attendance Data

With leave and attendance data, organizations can get the actual information for the days their workforce were present and their productive working hours. It also includes insights of the working shifts and leaves approval matrix.

Accounts and Finance Data

Our payroll processing system lets you determine any ad-hoc payment or any necessary deduction against the loss caused by an employee. This will let you directly settle that amount in your employee’s payroll cycle.

HR Data

With HR data integrated for payroll processing, the salary department can be acknowledged regarding an employees current salary package, arrears, appraisals & other benefits provided by the company.

Admin Data

Process your employee’s salary considering expenses like reissuing of lost ID card, canteen expenses, transportation facility charges & other administrative perks charges with our system.


Input Validation

compliance policy

Compliance Policy

FactoHR’s payroll processing system will check all the gathered data with the company’s compliance policy to generate a perfect payroll processing cycle for all employees according to their category and designation.

Approval Matrix

With an approval matrix, you can ensure that all your employee’s leave, reimbursement, over time & other crucial applications went through unbiased and authenticate approval workflow.

Employee Data Verification

Verify your employee’s salary processing to ensure that no one is missed out and also to remove employees who have left the organization from processing their payroll cycle.

Attendance Data Verification

FactoHR’s payroll leverage your organization to verify the attendance and overtime data with your employees actual productive working days and hours which guarantees the perfect payroll cycle for all your workforce.

Leave Data Verification

Verify leave data according to your employee’s accrual policy to identify any unbiased processing and allocating of leave. The payroll processing will be free from any kind of leave related miscalculation and can be rectified before actual payroll processing.


Payroll Calculation

Actual Calculation

Gather employees data of payroll processing for a defined time period along with managing their deductions, benefits and their pre-configured policy which implies on them.


The system will consider all the validated data for payroll cycle and will initiate the processing of it considering all type of statutory deductions like the professional tax, income tax, ESIC & other deductions.


Our reconciliation feature allows organizations to compare their current payroll with previous ones to analyze the difference and cause of it.


After all the validation processing and verification, the data will be finalized for updating the payroll entries in the centralized database. This data will be considered as the payroll cycle of the employee for the respective time period.

JV Posting

FactoHR’s system will make entries in accounting ledgers which will allow management to get a brief idea about all the expenses and incomes. This data is useful when generating a company’s balance sheet for a defined time period.


Statuary Compliance

ESIC Challan

With our system, you can auto-generate ESIC challans for all of your workforce and make necessary deductions from their payroll cycle to make a payment of their ESIC benefits.

PF Challan

Conveniently generate ECR file for depositing your employee’s provident fund in their PF account. The file generation will make the process simpler and efficient.

PT Challan

Calculate and file professional tax according to your regional rules and regulation. Our system will generate challans for all your employee’s professional tax which speeds up your PT filling process.


After the processing of employee’s payroll, file their tax returns by auto-generating income tax challans. The system will accurately generate the amount as per the governments law for tax deductions on income slabs.



Pay by Cash

You can do your employees payroll cycle by having the mode of payment in the form of cash. The system will give you the exact figure of payment.

Pay by Cheque

Issue a cheque to your employees for their pay cycle which can deposited by them in their bank account. Maintain all the salary records & cheque details with our system.

Pay by Bank Transfer

Directly transfer funds to your employees account for their payroll cycle. Maintain every transaction ID to identify payments to employees.

Distribute Payslip

FactoHR provides auto generation of salary slips for employees which they can access from their employee self service portal.

Salary Bank Advice

Generate funding file of your organization’s bank for processing your employee’s payroll cycle. Your company can carry out payroll for all your office locations.


Payroll Processing Reports

Payroll Report

Generate payroll report for your management to have a detailed insight on all the employees payroll cycle. The report has total expenditure done on their workforce which can be useful to calculate actual revenue.

Compensation Report

Customized compensation report by which company can analyze processed salary to their employees for two or more time periods. The data can further be filtered to view particular department, tenure or specific category of employees.

Salary Report

Review all the current salaries of your workforce and compare different employees categories, office locations and department wise payroll expenditure.

Income & Deduction Report

Get a detailed report of statutory deduction in employees payroll cycle like provident fund, ESIC & professional tax.

TDS Report

This is the report which will allow you to briefly analyze all the income tax filling & other details of your employees. The report can specifically be generated for any particular department or office location.

Advance Features

Awesome features to make your organization more efficient

Address HR queries through the AI. Employees can get answer of their quires in easy intuitive way. Factobot will serve your payslip, attendance or leave balance request in no time.


Easily manage attendance by virtually fencing your desired locations and allowing punching only with in perimeter of marked area from mobile devices.

Geo Tracking

Increase your organization’s productivity through real-time tracking of your employees and managing the same to get the most out of your time, effort and cost.


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