Payroll System

factoHR Payroll system is a software designed to calculate the employee’s salaries based on records such as the time they worked, their attendance and leave records. It also calculates various allowances like DA, HRA, conveyance, LTA, overtime, incentive, etc. and deductions like the loan, income tax, PF, ESIC, Professional tax, etc. It generates various statutory reports which help companies to comply with government authority.

personal management

Personal management

factoHR payroll system helps you to manage & access all the vital employee related data from the single point. You can maintain & track employees information such as past employment, family details, document proofs, personal details, dependent details and qualification details. It enables you to manage all employee’s data within a single system that are necessary for HR department.

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Attendance management

factoHR payroll system makes attendance operation efficient and smooth by atomising, end to end attendance management process. It helps you to track employee activities within an organization.

In factoHR payroll system, you can define various attendance policy such as check in/check out times, half day, week-off, holidays, overtime, shift time-related rules. This policy can be assigned to an individual or to the group of employees.

factoHR attendance management system helps you to create and maintain shifts, assign the shift to employee and track employee attendance within the assigned shift. It can be easily integrated with any Bio-Metric machine to capture in-out punching data and automatically prepare data for payroll processing.

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attendance management
leave management

Leave management

You may have different leave policy for your c-suites, managers and front-line employees based on their department, seniority and designation.

factoHR payroll system comes with flexible and comprehensive leave management system which allows the user to maintain company wide different leave policies for individuals or group of employees.

factoHR Payroll system allows you to apply leave applications, maintains and follows the leave policy, defines leave work-flow and based on that manager can approve/reject leave application of the employee.

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Payroll Processing

Payroll processing is the set of activities that involves calculating salaries for an employee. To process payroll, we need to know the payroll cycle or payment period, whom to be paid, what is agreed upon as pay, current earnings, deductions, rules and practices to be followed.

factoHR payroll system can be easily configured for any type of payroll cycle. factoHR will integrate and gather data from various systems like leave, attendance, HRIS, performance management etc. and significantly reduce compilation efforts required from you.

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payroll system
employee self service

Employee self-service

factoHR employee self-service portal empowers the employees and manager to view personal information, access their current and past payslips, check out their income tax statements and allows to submit investment details and proofs online.

Employees can make attendance punch, apply for leave, make travel application and submit expense claim to their manager directly online or from the mobile app.

A manager can view, approve or reject the application or claim submitted by their subordinates online, thus factoHR payroll system decentralized decision making process and gives power to the manager and you will have peace of mind.

Statutory compliance

factoHR Payroll system keeps you ready and updated with any rules and regulations like Minimum Wages, PF, PT, ESI, Income tax and other business laws by incorporating them into the system so you did not miss out on any statutory compliance or return filing deadline.

statutory compliance
loan management

Loan management

It is easier to manage the employee loans and advances with factoHR payroll system.It keeps track of the employee’s loans, advances and their timely automatic scheduling of deductions based on EMI and recovery date.It provides reports on outstanding amounts, recoveries, detailed loan statement and records of loan adjustments with payroll system.

Make your Payroll Process painless

factoHR Payroll System is fully integrated Payroll system. factoHR qualifies to meet all the payroll-related needs of small, medium and large enterprises. It is a modern new generation platform focused on user experience and simplifying complex workflows. 1000+ of businesses use factoHR payroll system to empower their employees, manage their change and stay compliant.

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