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payroll system

Payroll System

FactoHR a cloud-based payroll system will offer your organization the most productive and efficient way to manage your end to end HR activities. Our tech-savvy modules allows you to monitor and management of your organizational performance by align human resource with your goals and objective, which enables you to achieve most from of resources.

Our payroll management system has a proven record of serving firms with guaranteed productivity through Payroll, Leave, Attendance , Performance, Reimbursement, Expense and HR management along with Statutory Compliance. With automation comes efficiency and system becomes resistance to error which will eventually saves your cost and time for tasks of high importance.

What you can expect from factoHR Payroll System Off the Shelf?

Our Cloud Based Payroll System offering with its scalability and availability allows you to access it from anywhere anytime. we have developed modules with deep understanding of domain that supports wide range of policy configuration and adapts your way of working. With these unique capabilities factoHR is the best choice for any type of organization with any size of workforce.

Our payroll management system allows you to choose from following functionalities which are necessary for you in automating your tasks:

Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing


Attendance Management

Attendance Management


Leave Management

Leave Management


Travel Expense Management

Travel Expense Management





Statutory Compliance

Statutory Compliance


Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service


Mobile App

Mobile App


Why FactoHR’s Payroll Management System Only?

FactoHR is a recognized payroll management system provider of  HR departments of several leading brands in India & across the globe. Installing FactoHR payroll system in your company means inviting tons of benefits, such as


Improving Productivity with Measurable ROI

HR Personnel of your company will now be able to concentrate on hiring the best talents while the HR related tasks are to do by our automated system. With factoHR only a few personnel are required for HR management which eventually reduces the overall cost.


Ease Communication & Decision Making

We provide an efficient path to access and manage all the information and sharing of the same which enhances the capabilities of HR Staff, Higher Management & employees to take actions for the benefits of the organization.


Enhanced Security & Efficiency

Providing you with a centralized database for storing all your documents digitally which will only be accessible to the person with authority resulting in creating a non-vulnerable secured storage system for your sensitive documents.


Payroll Processing

FactoHR Makes It Smooth


One Click Payroll Processing

Providing a lightning fast payroll system to ensure timely salary processing for your staff.


Automated Loans and Advance Calculation

Configurable settlements options are provided which allows an executive to repay the advances from the salary cycle.



Accurate Salary Processing

Following all the deduction and reimbursement, system will process payroll which will be in accordance to company’s policy & norms respectively for each and every staff member.


Configure Your Salary Components

Maintaining transparency through access of configurable variable or fixed pay & reimbursements.


15+ Formats and Multi-Lingual Pay Slip

Multi language pay-slip generation through our user friendly ESS portal to full fill the diversified need language support.

Manage Attendance with Ease

Access Elaborated Attendance Management


Integration with Any Attendance Device

Supporting a wide range of biometric device for an organizations integration convenience.


Configure Your Attendance Policy

Supporting Multiple configured policies for attendance which best suits our company’s hierarchy and align with the same.


Geo-Tracking and Geo-Fencing

Effective Geo based Attendance along with real time monitoring for making the most out of your field working department.


Generate Reports

A detailed, configurable & automatic reporting system to act accordingly after analysis of the authority.


Manage Employee Shifts

Extensively manage as many shifts as your company conducts enforcing policies & shifts rosters for multi parameters.


Monitor Leave of Employees

Implement Flexible Leave Management


Define Your Leave Workflow

A clear work-flow for leave approval process with tracking the status of the application.


Fully Customizable Leave Policy

Allowing you to frame leave policies which suits every
Category, group & individual personnel.



Manage Holiday List

Make the configurable holiday list available for your organization & its members as per your policy.


Leave Encashment

Configure full settlement against the remaining leaves of your workers at the term end while meeting your company policy.


Leave Calendar

A brief individualized leave calendar to track all the leaves and manage the same efficiently.


Generate Different Leave Reports

Generation of leave reports in your desired formats including various variable that will helps you in analysis.


Smooth Travel Expense Management

Manage Employee Travel Expenses Easily


Capture Data through OCR

With the help of our software you are allowed to store your receipts in digital format for OCR to extract information and submit for approval.


100% Configurable Expense Policy

We allow you to setup configurable policy environment which best suits and align with your organizational criteria.


Quick Multi-hierarchy Approval

Setting up approval working flow which is in accordance to your hierarchical structure & manages the same with more efficiency.


Manage Multi-currency Claim

With our multi currency support you can ease your employees who are travelling abroad by reimbursing them in base currency.


Bulk Payment

You  can now generate bulk payment for processing the reimbursement of multiple employees within no time.


Employee Performance Management

Can Process Any Combination of Performance Management KPIs


Create Goals for Employees

Configure KPI to measure productivity of work and rewarding on the basis of the same.


Evaluate Performance

Performance measuring in respect to different levels of evaluators made easy.



Performance Review Report

Generate reports that reflects the performance of an organizations workforce, allowing authorities to take decisions accordingly.


Manage Appraisals

Individual appraisal according to the made possible in accordance to the yearly performance and company policy.


Make Result Drive Organization

Align your organizations performance to meet your predefined goals and tackle the deviations accordingly.


Statutory Compliance on Time

It Safeguards Your Business from the Legal Hassles


Manage Minimum Wage

Align your payroll system with governments minimum wage policy & avoiding any kind of infringement.


Income Tax Deduction

Auto deduction in the salary of the worker which comes under taxable slabs.


PF Calculation

Allowing the Provident Fund auto deduction according to the pay scale and your configured company policy.


ESI Computations

Auto generations of ESIC challans as well as yearly reports of the payment cycle for the same.


Manage PT Slabs Easily

Ensuring amount for professional tax in salary calculation in respect to the regional state while conducting payroll.


Employee Self Service

To Save Labor & Encourage Active Participation of Employee


Employee Dashboard

Configurable dashboard for a convenient view of performance, leaves holidays, pay-slips and much more.


Employee Payroll Information

Self serving themselves by accessing information related to attendance, payroll, performance, leave, tracking requests under a sole screen.



Fast Response

The system will serve a query within seconds eliminating the time consumption in bothering the HR.


Cost Saving

No need of team when automation has the lead in processing all HR related work thus allowing cost cutting.


Anytime, Anywhere Accessibility

Mobile & Web support for ESS to make it accessible anywhere & that too around the clock.


Mobile App

Experience Advanced Technologies While On the Go


Mobile App Dashboard

Meeting the organizations needs and self-serving them with a rich mobile interface with all necessary details.

Plug Me

Allowing everyone in organization to make the necessary documents available on the go to the respective authority.



Providing support with our AI agent Facto-Bot to solve query and quick delivery with suggestion.


Manage Attendance, Leave, and Travel Expenses on the Go

Punching within the geo fence, applying for leave and reimbursement with mobile device made possible.


Employee Calendar

Tracking all the leave application and managing the same with mobile device enabled calendar.

Advance Features

Awesome features to make your organization more efficient




Featuring AI bot equipped with query resolving techniques to serve your employee’s payslip, attendance or leave balance doubts in real time.



Automate your attendance process by artificially fencing your work location which will allow your employees to punch only from your desired locations.


Geo Tracking

Easily trace current location your workforce to manage them and get most out of the time and effort you invest in through geo-tracking.


AI powered Smart Receipt

Our system will smartly read and fill your bills through capturing receipts, making it available for processing further to reimbursement of the same. The smart receipt feature will make the overall process fast and no error-prone.


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