Travel & Claim

factoHR Expense and Claim Management system automates all expense claims activities starting from expense claims  submission, approvals, reimbursements & reporting.

Expense & Claim policy

factoHR Expense & Claim Management System it Provides facility to HR  and Finance Admin users to create expense heads and sub heads as per company policies.

exp and claim policy
Claim Approvals

Expense Claim Approvals

When an employee apply for  any travel/other claims his immediate superiors can get the direct intimate to Approve either on their Dashboard or via mail.And that approval will be automatically considered in next payroll process. No need to track the manual claim status.

Multiple Expense Claims

When an employee enters many claims, the approver can receive one email to approve multiple claims, reducing administrative time and effort. This module has also been designed to allow every claim to be for a different purpose.

Multiple Expense Claims
Claim Submission

Claim Submission

factoHR Claim Management System it provides facility to all employees to submit expense claims. Facility to declare personal expense amount, currency, and also to tag an expense to a project. Facility to attach soft copies of bills. Facility to save and modify expense claims. Facility to check approval status of expense claims and to print expense claims.


This easy-to-use, ad-hoc Report allows even the novice user (with the appropriate access authorisation) to create sophisticated reports and subsequently schedule these for processing at their convenience.

Users can generate periodic expense claim reports for analysis, with results being made available at anytime and anywhere.

Email Configurations

Email Configurations

factoHR Expense & Claim Management System it provides facility to HR and Admin users to set email configurations for alerts and on submissions / approvals / rejections.

A  simple & efficient integrated module for managing expense claims.