What is Access to Personnel Files Policy?

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Employee personnel records are maintained in your human resources department. As required by law, some records relating to employees are retained in separate files. Employees may request access to their necessary personnel files. Based on the situation, employees may be rendered access to records with appropriate editing to protect others’ rights. All requests for access to the personnel file must be provided in writing to human resources. Upon receipt of such written requests, human resources will schedule a meeting to view the file during regular office hours.

The personnel file includes records related to performance and training. It also contains other data used for hiring, promotion, and disciplinary decisions. Employees are not authorized to take away any documents from the personnel file. This policy helps you instruct your staff to record things accurately. Employee records are not the place for playing around. These do not go over well in a court of law.

In this sample policy, you get:

  • The purpose and scope of the policy.
  • The authorities that are allowed access to these files.
  • The provisions regarding the access of such files to the employees.
  • The provisions regarding information alteration within such files.

Access to Personnel Policy Sample

“Name of the Company” has developed the Access to Personnel Files Policy to outline the rules that state the access rights for documents such as resume, training, performance and appraisals, salary structure and raise, etc., by its employees. “Name of the Company” has all rights to such files, but an unauthorized person is strictly prohibited from access.


This policy aims to maintain the confidentiality of employee data.


This policy applies to all the employees except “Name of the authorities allowed to access the files”.

Access to the Personnel File

The personnel files are the property of “Name of the Company”, and the information they contain is strictly restricted.

Only the “Title of the authorities” who have a rightful reason to review the file’s content is allowed to do so.

In case the employee wishes to review their file, they should contact HR with advance notice before “Number of weeks/days”.

With such prior notice and approval from HR, the employees may view portions of their personnel files in the company’s office and presence of “Title of Person”.

Personnel Data Alteration

The employee is responsible for notifying the “Name of the Company” regarding any personnel data changes.

Critical information like email address, contact numbers, numbers, and names of dependents and persons to be contacted in case of emergency, educational qualifications, marital status, and other such status reports should be updated and current at all times.

If any of the above data changes, HR should be informed about the same by the employee.


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