Time Off Management For Effective Control Over Employees’ Leaves

factoHR’s Time off management reduces all your stress and manual efforts of controlling and calculating employees’ leaves with its accurate and simpler interface.

Cloud-based Time Off Management That Fits Into Your Workflows

factoHR offers a time-off management system that fulfills all your leave tracking needs and adjusts with your organizational workflows.

Leave Tracking

You can track your employees’ leaves taken and the reason for the same, thus making your workflows and projects more productive.

Completely Paperless

factoHR’s mobile-driven solution reduces your manual efforts while tracking your employees’ time-offs and allows your organization to go paperless.

Legal Compliance

Cloud-based time-off management lets you ensure the legal compliance matters made by the government for the benefit of the employees.

Flexible Leave Policies

Policies may be challenging to build up for any organization, but factoHR offers you an intuitive environment to create and customize flexible leave policies for your employees. From crediting leave balance, auto-calculating leave entitlement, leave encashment, paid time-offs to carryforwards, all the tasks can be controlled easily with factoHR.

Manage Organizational Calendar

factoHR’s extensive time off management allows you to create an organizational calendar that too for all your business locations and regions. You can mark holidays, half days, week-offs, etc., to share it with your workforce. factoHR also allows you to separate national and festive holidays and assign them to the employees.

Types Of Leaves

factoHR allows you to create different types of leave types and configure the policy settings accordingly, along with the option to sandwich leaves. You can distinctly create leaves such as privilege, casual, sick, holiday, maternity, half-day, bereavement, compensatory, etc., very easily.

Employee Time-off Analytics

Identify the bottlenecks in the employees’ time-offs with the help of visually impressive analytics offered by the factoHR dashboard and understand where the real problem lies. You can also generate various kinds of reports from the software and study the employee absences and availability.

Manage your employee time-offs accurately with factoHR

Approval Workflow

Configure your time-off management workflows by appointing authorities at every stage to take action on the leave application submitted by the employees. You can set up a multi-level approval workflow for a more effective administration.

Leave Encashment

factoHR allows you to offer your employees the benefits of their pending leave accumulated till the end of the year. You can decide to encash the pending leaves along with the regular payroll cycle.

Mobile Application

factoHR’s mobile attendance application allows employees to request time-off or leaves from their mobile devices while also giving them options to check their leave balance and leave history.

Compensatory-off Settings

With an employee-centric approach, you can let your employees compensate for their time-offs by working extra and applying for the same through the software. You can also choose how you want your employees to compensate for their leaves through factoHR’s comp-off settings.

Ensure complete Time Off Management with factoHR today

Reduce the manual tasks of controlling employees leaves with factoHR’s cloud-based time off management platform and focus on your important organizational goals.

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