5 Ways Through Which Chatbots are Transforming HR Department

5 ways through which chatbots are transforming hr department

The role of interactive AI is not just limited to a particular sector, but it can be used across business service lines, given its capability and opportunity. The year 2020 can be considered as a new beginning for the new HR chatbots due to their useful applications. With the assistance from NPL(national language processing) chatbots now have the ability to understand the tone of every conversation of the employees and answer them accordingly.

Earlier, HR used to face a lot of challenges, like answering a large number of calls, emails, updating HR policies and sharing them with employees, attracting the best talent, and catering to employee health and safety. To tackle these challenges, a number of companies adopted HR chatbots with the simple purpose of communicating with their employees and candidates on time and being available to respond whenever they are required.

Advantages of HR Chatbots

The other chatbots like support bots and product inquiry bots have already increased its value by helping organizations in their respective domains, similarly HR bots also bring various benefits for organization and HR teams in different ways:

Cost Reduction

Chatbots are a one-time investment and they improve their accuracy by learning from interactions. They automate many HR related tasks to save hundreds of hours of the HR team that ultimately allow HR to focus on activities where human intervention is required. This results in decreasing the need of the HR team in redundant tasks and saving a considerable amount of time and cost.


Chatbots can ensure providing a personalized experience to the employees by engaging with them through one-on-one conversations, maintaining a friendly and helping tone, and by being good at interactive communication.


Any normal HR executive can concentrate on one employee’s query or problem at a time. However, a chatbot can solve multiple employee queries simultaneously, making itself available to address numerous queries without any hassle, anytime, from anywhere.

Ways Through Which Chatbots are Helping HR Departments

The pandemic pushed organizations to focus on redeveloping their HR departments, enabling them to solve unfamiliar and newer challenges. Here is how the companies tried to create a flawless experience for their employees and HR department with the help of HR chatbots:

Chatbots for Hiring

Recruitment chatbots create a live environment to communicate with candidates via voice messages or text. Recruitment chatbots simplify all the repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Traditionally, the HR would advertise their vacancies offline by printing job advertisements in newspapers, hoardings, or sending out application forms to different offices, but this would take a lot of time for candidates to react and contact you. When QR codes are added to advertisements, it allows your candidates to contact you via different communication means.

Once the candidate has successfully passed the screening process, they go through the next hiring process, which is interview scheduling. Earlier, the recruitment manager would contact the candidates via call or mail to confirm their scheduled interview, but in most cases the calls or emails would get unanswered. According to a Survey, on average, recruiters spend ⅔ of their overall hiring time on the interview process. The recruitment chatbot solves this problem by sending timely reminders to candidates with scheduled date and time. The chatbot can also be linked to third-party calendar softwares so that they won’t miss out on any notifications. It solves the problem of informing candidates about the rescheduled interview with just a simple chat.

24/7 Support Service

For any organization appointing an employee 24/7 could be expensive, and answering the same repetitive questions can be boring. HR chatbots can answer employee queries at any time to help HR optimize their time. If any employee forgets their company username or password, they can directly contact the HR chatbot to get a quick response and always have the option to connect with live agents for other details. Hence, HR chatbots help in automating regular tasks to improve employees’ productivity.

Access to FAQs on Company Policies

Chatbots are designed to clarify employees’ all queries and work best with structured sets of subordinate questions. Most of the time HR FAQs are related to accessing and changing personal information and documents, earnings and paychecks, leave of absence, insurance and employee verification, and many more. HR chatbots act as a center point for answering all company-related queries using quick responses.

Increases Your Employee Experience

Companies that have a high employee engagement rate prefer to make a difference in improved productivity, fosters employee loyalty, better work quality, and even promotes high retention rate. The HR department plays an important role in building employee engagement by sending the organization’s internal announcements via chatbots. They send out notifications for festival greetings, birthday wishes, internal announcements for job postings, introducing the promoted employees, welcome messages to a new employee, and many more. The proactive approach to connect with employees on a regular basis ensures better awareness, builds strong internal engagement, and all employees get an equal chance to support internal movements.

Streamline HR Processes

Chatbots can do more than just chatting and solving the employees’ queries, chatbots integrated with an automated HR software can help in all the HR processes. To track the improvements in the organization, HR conducts employee engagement surveys and with AI-powered chatbots, HR can conduct a confidential employee engagement survey to facilitate ongoing communication and to streamline HR processes.


Chatbots are clearly a revolutionary tool that has simplified HR department’s tasks to reduce their work burden, and organizations are realizing that and starting to use chatbots for their HR departments. The scope of AI-powered chatbots for HR departments is tremendously increasing, but it’s still a relatively new concept, and there isn’t much information about it on the internet either. We hope that after reading this article, you have learned everything about chatbots for HR departments and will start using them yourself to enjoy their fruitful benefits.

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