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Background Verification

What is Background Verification?

Background verification is the practice of verifying the authenticity of the candidate’s identity provided during hiring. Generally, this process is initiated once the candidate clears all rounds of the interview. It includes the verification of education history, employment history, address proof, etc., in order to get some qualitative feedback for the prospective employee and ensure that the candidate is the right fit for the company.

Why does an employer need to perform a background verification?

Sometimes the employee might lie about something that is harmful to your company. It may be unintentional but no employer wants to hire a candidate that might put a negative impact on the company. In order to know the employee professional behavior of the candidate verify the job competency of an employee, the target achievements of the employee, and the level of honesty of an employee. For the workplace safety of an employee, previous records of the employee should be verified.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Background Verification

What is an employee background verification?

The employee background check includes the cross verification of the employee’s previous work and employment. They take up a follow-up on the employee's behavior and strategical analysis of the work with the previous employer.

What are the types of background verification?

There are many kinds of background verifications. The most common background verifications are previous employment history, professional references, criminal records, or sometimes drug tests depending on the job role.

What happens when an employee fails a background verification?

When an employee fails a background check, the employer informs the employee about the cause of the failure. Mostly, if the background check fails is not related to the job role completely or the failure is very minute the employee is given a chance to work after taking the necessary precautions else, the candidate is not hired.

Why does an employee fail a background verification?

There could be a various number of reasons for an employee to fail a background check. If an employee has given wrong information in his resume may be intentional or unintentional. The employee may fail a background check because of identity theft or the result might also be wrong due to an error. There might also be a chance of being framed for something the employee didn’t do.

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