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Job Classification

What is Job Classification?

Job classification is a process of comparing a job using predefined standards. It is done to evaluate and classify the jobs based on the tasks, responsibilities, and duties involved in them. Job classification focuses on the job’s role and assists in defining the job description by considering the skills, abilities, and knowledge required for the role. It helps in managing the recruitment and performance of the organization.

Example of job classification:

  • An organization with a large no.of employees classifies and evaluates different jobs.
  • All the jobs were divided into different grade scales of pay.
  • The job positions are divided based on skills, required knowledge, and abilities.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the job classification process?

Here are the steps of the job classification process:

  • Determine the job functions, duties, and responsibility
  • Set the qualification standards for each position
  • Set the salary ranges for the positions
  • Create job families and divide the jobs into them

Why is the classification of jobs important?

The classification of jobs helps the organization identify different factors involved with the job positions. When the criteria are clear, it makes recruitment, hiring, and selection easy for managers. Further, the organization's pay scale remains fair, and there is no discrimination between employees' salaries.

What are the different types of job classification?

Commonly the jobs are classified into:

  • Full-time
  • part-time
  • Contractual basis
  • Temporary
  • Voluntary


Is the job classification method beneficial?

Yes, the classification of jobs is beneficial for the organization. Some of them are:

  • Streamlined workflow for all job positions
  • Transparent recruitment and hiring process
  • Defined pay structures
  • Similar job positions can be grouped into single job family
  • Ease in promoting or transferring the existing employees

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