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Social HR

What is Social HR?

Social HR is a practice of using social media channels such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., to accomplish certain HR functions. In addition, the HR professionals may also make use of social tools developed within the company to organize HR initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the implementation of social media important for HR?

HR managers should adopt social media as the recruitment of the candidates becomes cost-effective and also the engagement with the existing employees increases.

How can HR managers use social media?

HR managers can use social media for the following;


Using social media for the recruitment process is cost-effective, and also you can opt for the best candidate from a pool of candidates.

Employee engagement increases

Posting something on social media is something that excites everyone nowadays, so social media encourages employee engagement.


Boost employee morale

By posting something which says about employees' contributions makes them feel connected and boosts their morale.

What are the benefits of social HR?

The following are the benefits of social HR;

  • Cost-effective recruitment
  • Quick hiring
  • A vast pool of talent
  • Better candidates
  • Improved employee engagement
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