Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

Simplicity is the master key to success you shall realize when you use factoHR’s HRIS module. Growing organization like yours is looking for simple solution all their complex HR needs under one umbrella. Gen Y HRMS Software should be capable of handling complete employee life cycle from Recruitment to Exit Management on the fly. It should one solution where your HR can work with lean team by empowering employee. factoHR does exactly the same what it meant for. You can use factoHR without much training as it is made simple, intuitive and fast.

Employee Life Cycle

Employee Life Cycle and Organization Chart

factoHR platform helps you to track the complete life cycle of your employee which benefits you to retain best talent and take action on non-performing workforce. From the date of joining what progress in terms of salary and designation she has made, what department she has worked, who were their reporting managers and what was performance year on year. You can also track her position organization chart which also shows her role and responsibility area and to an employee it shows growth options available.

Multiple Currency and Employee Category

Even you have only 100 employees but they are in 5 different countries. Still, you can make them payment in 5 different currency from this platform. You can also get consolidate report in one currency.

One of the pain with traditional HRMS system is they lack flexibility in terms of Employee classification. They offer standard category either they are not adequate or sufficient. With help of Gen Y HRMS factoHR, you can define as many categories as you want which will help to measure and control cost category wise.

Multiple Currency and Employee Category
Employee Gross Salary

Employee Gross Salary (CTC)

While in most of the organization it is observed that even CTC is configured, It is always missing 3 most important milestones.

  • CTC is not covering many hidden expenses to employer (gratuity, bonus etc.)
  • CTC is not configured as per labour laws (Minimum wages, PF, ESI etc.)
  • CTC is not optimized for employee benefits (Medical, Conveyance, Mobile bill etc.)

With help of factoHR, you can configure a perfect CTC which can meet all above objectives. It has all spread sheet (excel) imports so you can be up and running with new CTC in no time.

Employee and Manager Self Service with Workflow

Let’s empower your employee by giving them and powerful employee self service and Mobile app so that they can do their time in/out, leave application, personal detail updation, payroll data, declaration with proof update and Self appraisal. And yes with powerful Travel application, Your onsite (sales/marketing/project) team can do complete Travel plan well in
advance (hotel booking, tickets, advances. etc.) all these can be done when they want it.

factoHR also saves your manager time by allowing App/Email and ESS based workflow approvals. Manager will be more responsible as they will approve their team members leave, attendance, travel application. They will also review performance and ensure that team is delivering as per your company’s goal/vision and mission.

You can also build custom workflows like Employee to Manager or Employee to Manager to HR etc.

Self Service with workflow
Employee Details

Employee Details

Your employee empowered to update all details like Past employment, Family details, Document proof update, Personal details, Dependent details and Qualification details. With workflow based approval, HR can review and approve such details so master can be updated.

In case of HR manager, all these details can be updated through spread sheet (excel) import.

All details can be downloaded in the form of Employee Bio data.

User Role and Rights

One of the unique benefits factoHR offer is, you can define employee level access to manager, means your HR can see only those employee details who are coming under his role or unit. So even set of Employee may be part of one payroll area still their detail cannot be seen by your HR if role defined so.

So you have complete control in factoHR platform for which employee has what role, what modules are accessible and what information he can see.

Different roles can be configured for your different managers for their different needs. Multiple roles can be given to one of your manager based on needs which makes platform very flexible and user friendly.

User Role and Rights