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Human Resource Management System

Accurately store and manage all your employee-related data in one central and secure human resource management system. Which reduce errors and expenses by eliminating redundant data entries and have access to complete information anytime.

employee enrollment

Employee Enrollment

factoHR human resource management system quickly access to complete history of employee’s records at a single point. You can create any number of organizational categories like Department, Location, Division, Function, Designation, Grade, Cost Center, etc. for flexible classification and better reporting.

Automatic Employee Numbering

factoHR human resource management system manages automatic employee code numbering, which helps you to maintain multiple employee series for different categories of employees without overlap and minimizes mistakes and save effort. Provision for manual employee numbering is also available.

CTC Salary Master

Employee wise CTC / Salary Master

Employee wise CTC (cost to company) recording inflexible salary structure for individual employees, a group of employees and salary structure by designation or grade. Covers employee salary master, compensation, benefits and perquisites

Reminder, alert and Mass Mailing

factoHR human resource management system setup auto reminder and notification alerts for various events like employee confirmation, birthday alerts, and resignation status update alerts. User defined message to simplify HR communication with employees.


Resignation / Exit

Capture employee exit details to identify, analyze and fix potential problem areas. Use what you learn to attract better candidates while increasing the satisfaction and loyalty of your existing employees.

factoHR human resource management system update employee leaving or resignation detail so that final settlement slip can be generated with the auto calculation of notice period shortfall days and systematic notification/alerts.

Organization Tree

factoHR human resource management system auto generated organizational chart that gives the names and job titles of all the staff in an organization or department, showing how they are connected to each other.

Describes organization reporting hierarchy which will be used in various work-flow for reviews and approvals.


Transfer / Promotion

Simplify employee’s transfers and promotions history or changes in reporting manager with an effective date of the transaction.


Define various letter types in the system like to Whom it may concern, Salary transfer ,etc. with user defined fields for each letter type separately.

letter / memo
Employee Proof

Upload Employees Proof

You can upload week wise, day wise and shift wise attendance for payroll processing.You can also download the template from the system so that you can easily upload the attendance and run the payroll process.

Get to know your employees better

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