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HR Business Partner

What is HR Business Partner?

HR Business Partner (HRBP) is a professional with expertise in the HR field and works closely with the board of directors and C-suite managers to support the organizational goals. HRBPs can also be called strategic business partners. The responsibility of HRBP is to ensure the alignment of business objectives with the management and employees. The HRBP generally acts as the link between an organization’s HR and business by supporting the managers on strategic issues, implementing high-performing human resource practices, taking part in the decision-making, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What skills should an HR business partner have?

The HR business partners are responsible for aligning the business objective with the management of employees. Therefore, the skills that they should possess are:

  • Business understanding and acumen
  • Management and problem-solving skills
  • High technical skills
  • Data analysis and representation skills
  • People management skills

How do HR managers and HR business partners differ?

HR manager is also a senior position in the organization that handles all the operations of hiring, payroll, and administration, generally with a team of HR executives. On the other hand, HR business partners are not entitled to any such responsibility related to employees but have to plan the overall management strategically with the directors and C-suite managers.

What benefits can a strategic business partner bring to an organization?

The benefits an organization can get with a strategic business partner like HRBP are:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Correct and powerful decision making
  • Overall business development
  • Support to the leadership team
  • Improved organizational culture

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