An Ultimate Guide for HR Letters and Templates

an ultimate guide for hr letters and templates

Whether it’s a small or large organization, all have to use HR letters at various stages of their employees’ lifecycle. They are used while recruiting employees, during their increment, and when they leave the organization. The use of HR letters is an excellent opportunity for the organization to let their employees know that their organization cares for them. These letters are created carefully for each situation to ensure that they can be customized according to the organization’s needs. The HR department of the company is responsible for creating them and providing them to the employees. However, if you are not aware of the various kinds of HR letters, then keep reading this article to know the different types of frequently used HR letters in any organization.

Different Types of HR Letters

There is an HR letter for almost every single employee-related activity in the organization, but the following are some of the most frequently used HR letters by organizations:

Offer Letter

It is a letter given to the candidate once they are selected for their desired job position in the organization. The letter mentions the designation, department, salary package, and other benefits that they will be entitled to, if they join the organization. It gives the candidate the information they need to accept or decline the offer and can prevent any misunderstanding between the candidate and the employer.

When an offer is verbally made in person or virtually then it is likely to be followed by this formal letter to confirm all the employment details. The letter can be a physical copy that can be signed and returned or an email message with a link to the letter to be digitally signed. It is best to have a written confirmation of the offer for future reference for both parties.

Confirmation Letter

It is a formal letter given to the employee to confirm them as a permanent employee in the organization. Generally, it is given upon completion of an employee’s probation period, which ranges from 3-6 months. It usually contains all essential information regarding the agreed employment between the employee and the organization.

This letter is the best thing an organization can send to the candidate or employee who is on probation waiting to get the confirmation for their job position. It is one of the most important documents to be kept for both the organization and the employee to avoid any conflict or dispute that may arise in the future.

Appraisal Letter

It is a written document stating that the employer has noticed and reviewed the employees’ contribution to the organization. It is given after the employees’ performance appraisal cycle, which can be conducted monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually. This letter can be considered as a result of the appraisal process.

This letter mentions the strengths and weaknesses of the employees and other valuable insights to help employees identify the areas where they performed well and what skills they need to acquire to perform better in the next appraisal cycle.

Increment Letter

It is also known as a promotion letter. Generally, an increment or promotion of the employee is decided while appraising them, so the details of the employee’s increment or promotion become an integral part of the appraisal letter, But, sometimes, due to urgent needs in the organization, an employee might be promoted to fill the void. In such cases, this kind of letter is given.

The increment is given to the employees based on their performance or when they achieve any specific target of the company. This letter contains the effective date of promotion and increment, revised salary, and the details of the new roles and responsibilities.

Relieving Letter

It is a formal letter that an employer gives to their employee who is leaving their organization, mentioning that their resignation letter is accepted and signifies that the employee has no dues left with the organization. Usually, this letter is accompanied by a full and final settlement and an experience letter.

It includes the joining and relieving date of the employee, along with gratitude and best wishes for the future ahead. The employee who is leaving the organization needs to have this letter at the time of joining a new company.

Full and Final Settlement Letter

When an employee leaves the organization then, they have to go through a full and final settlement process to ensure that all the dues like unpaid salary, gratuity, leave encashments, PF, pension, etc, are paid to the employee by the organization, and this letter is given upon finishing the f&f process.

This letter contains all the details regarding the payment made to the employee, along with a check attached to it for their last working month’s salary. It can be used by the organization in case of any dispute regarding salary from previous employees.

Internship Offer Letter

It is a letter given to the candidate by the company that is recruiting for relevant internship positions in their company. It informs the candidate about their selection and offers them their job designation with other essential recruiting details like their department, Internship period, expected starting date, reporting manager, and their stipend(if any). Upon reviewing all the details in the letter, candidate can make their decision accordingly.

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