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Employee Onboarding

What is Employee Onboarding?

Employee onboarding is assisting the new hires onboard into the organization. It includes filling out the forms, initial training, and helping the employee become acquaint with the company's core values, workplace culture, and socialization. Employee onboarding can extend from the first week to 6 months of joining, depending on the organization’s policies.

For example,

  • It is the first day for two new sales executives in a company.
  • HR assisted them in completing the joining formalities.
  • Also, HR introduced both new joiners to the rest of the team and the company policies.
  • Two new employees were onboarded.


What are the phases of an onboarding process?

The onboarding of the employees is divided into four phases. Altogether the phases can result in an effective onboarding process.

Phase 1:

Pre-Onboarding process; This process starts right from when the employee joins your firm till the employee starts their first day of joining.

Phase 2:

Welcoming the new candidates; The process of welcoming the new candidates to your firm and explaining your firm’s rules and regulations.

Phase 3:

Training; In this phase, the required training is provided to the employees based on their roles and the requirements as per their skills.

Phase 4:

Making the transition easy; This is a process where the employees are encouraged to work as per the requirements and given chances to improve as per the need of the new role.


Frequently Asked Questions About Employee Onboarding

What is an onboarding checklist?

An onboarding checklist is a list of the procedures to be done during the onboarding of an employee to ensure a smooth onboarding process.

What is the duration of an onboarding process?

Onboarding is a process of preparing the new employee for the job role. This is a phase where the employee get trained for their responsibilities. The ideal onboarding duration is 3 months.

What is a pre-onboarding process?

Pre-onboarding is the process which takes place after the employee accepts the job offer and joins for his first day.

What are the important phases of an onboarding process?

Employee onboarding has the following phases;

  • Pre- onboarding
  • Welcoming the employees
  • Taining
  • Transition phase

What is an efficient onboarding?

An efficient onboarding is a purposeful process. The onboarding of the employees ensures the training and the welcoming of the employees in an effectie way and also improves the employee engagements process along with it .

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