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Learning And Development

What is Learning And Development?

Learning and development (L&D) is a crucial sub-function of HR for the company’s workforce development. It involves identifying the need for training and organizing training programs accordingly to the employees. Also known as training and development, it is an important part of the organization’s talent management strategy.

For example,

  • A company hired 3 candidates for the post of web designing
  • Looking at their past experiences, managers felt a need for more learning
  • Managers arranged a training program for all the 3 candidates for their learning and development


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of learning and development?

The organization's learning and development needs must be addressed systematically, and therefore it has to be done step by step. The process is:

  • Firstly analyze the needs of learning. Then, as per the employees' experiences, capabilities, and ability to perform, the development program should be organized.
  • After the need identification, set a clear objective. The purpose and aim of the development program should be clarified in the minds of employees and management.
  • The best-suited mode of training and learning should be decided and planned.
  • Finally, the learning and development program should be implemented and monitored.

How are learning and development beneficial to the organization?

The benefits are:

  • Improvised skills and abilities
  • Better team performance
  • Improvement and productivity in work
  • Capability for future challenges
  • Better employee engagement
  • Overall development of the organization

Are there any drawbacks of learning and development?

The process of L&D can bring native effects if carried out incorrectly. Some of the disadvantages are:

  • Time-consuming process
  • Increased cost to the organization
  • Evaluation of the learnings becomes difficult
  • The development program needs to be updated several times


What is the impact of L&D on employees?

When the L&D is appropriately done, its outcome on employees will always be beneficial. The employees' skills and abilities will be enhanced. They will get a chance to work on their weaknesses and improve them. Also, it makes them feel valued by the organization and stay loyal towards the employers.

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