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Skill Gap

What is Skill Gap?

Skill gap refers to the scenario wherein the skills that the employee possesses don’t meet the employer’s expectations. The organizations periodically undertake an internal skill gap analysis to identify what skills are lacking. Eventually, the HR department uses its results to organize training and overcome the shortcomings.

For example,

  • A software development company had a full-stack developer
  • The developer knew multiple languages like C++ and Node.js but was not much skilled at ASP.NET
  • Due to this, he was not able to fix the problems related to the ASP.NET language

Frequently Asked Questions

How to identify skill gaps in an organization?

To identify your employees' skill gaps:

  • Identify the goals of your organization
  • Consider the necessary skills according to the job roles
  • Assess your employees and conduct a skill gap analysis
  • Take and give constant feedback

What kind of industries are affected by skill gaps?

The following industries are affected mainly by skill gaps:

  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Finance

How can employers eliminate skill gaps?

Below mentioned are the ways to eliminate skill gaps:

  • Hire aptly skilled candidates
  • Provide training for new employees
  • Enable on-the-job training
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