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Probationary Period

What is the Probationary Period?

A probationary period is a defined trial or experimental period to identify if the new employee is a “good fit” for the company. The employees undergoing probation period are exempted from certain contractual items, especially the notice period required for termination. They are designed to offer the employers and employees an easier way to terminate the probationary agreement if found that the work isn’t as expected. During the probation period, apart from the employees’ skills and abilities, their workplace engagement and cultural alignment are also considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does probationary period mean?

Probationary period is the period in which the employee is tested on the basis of their understanding skills and get familiar with the employees behavior.

What is the need of the probationary period?

Probationary period gives employees the time to understand their work basics and adjust to the work environment. The employer can also get an understanding about the idea about the work process and whether the employee is the right fit for the job or not.

Does an employee under probationary period get paid?

Yes, generally the employees under the probationary period get paid.

Can an employee under probationary period get terminated?

If the employee is not the right fit for the job the employee can be terminated. It also depends on the various factors which include the punctuality of the employee, work process of the employee, behavior and the requirement of the skills.

Can an employer extend your probationary period?

The employers can extend the probationary period based on the requirement. The employers can decide on how long the employee should be trained.

How long is the probationary period for the employees?

The probationary period can last anywhere between 3 months to one year.

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